Artist Spotlight: Kalya Scintilla

Kalya Scintilla is Yaegon Lamagier – with a name like that, who needs a moniker? This Australian gypsy producer is quickly gaining a reputation in the West Coast community for his unique brand of tribal dubstep-infused beats. Using horns and his signature violin, as well as a wide array of drums and womps, he creates deep and diverse compositions that patiently build through different moods and landscapes. Dripping molasses over a fractal tabla, he orchestrates a journey through an enchanted forest, or the soundtrack to an epic dream.

Tipper would have to be Yaegon’s number one musical influence (Tip Hop planted a seed early on.) His liquid sounds and glitchy tendencies are evidence of this, but he gets a lot more dubby and lighthearted. He also lists Beats Antique, Knossos, Herbie Hancock, Hermitude, Tool, Darpan, Bill Hicks, Alex Grey, Sensient, Sun In Aquarius, Spoonbill, Heyoka, “and so many other gifted individuals. Influence also comes from Mother Earth, Crystals, Chanting, psychedelics, the indigenous peoples of earth, past lives, star beings, synchronicity, color and love.”

I just saw him live for the first time at his Earthdance debut, great stuff:

I hear Bird of Prey in his cerebral atmospheres and dubstep beats and effects, and Desert Dwellers in his use of tribal drums and strings. He is onto something completely his own, however, and is just getting started. He came to my attention with his remix of “667” on Bluetech‘s latest album Rainforest Reverberation. Check out some other stand-out tracks:


Bone & Stone

Kalya Scintilla has already got three EPs out – grab the first two at the links below:

Shimmer EP
InLakesh EP

And listen to his latest, the Illusions EP:

Illusions EP by Kalya Scintilla


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