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Published on July 29th, 2010 | by dizzurt


Camp Bisco 9 – Day 2 – Keepin’ it Mooovin

Too hot to sleep inside tents (but an improvement over last year’s rivers of mud), I was up bright and early getting ready for Beats Antique. This performance was their third different rendition I’ve seen. (Watch Junktion) It was a live set, sparkled by Zoe Jakes wooing the crowd with her incredible mechanical gyrations. The crowd was just as excited as the band (who never disappoint with their energy), as it was their first major [festival] gig on the East Coast. As predicted, they closed the day off with “EXTRA EXTRA”, where things tend to get a little funky. Horse masks and all, Sidecar Tommy kept the beat going on his kit, while Jakes and David Satori put on a theatrical show. Out of nowhere, Satori felt the need to amp the energy to 11 by jumping off the stage and crowd surfing under the blistering sun. The fans roared with pure joy, as the set ended and they shook their rage sticks to one helluva grand finale. Following them, Sub Swara and Big Gigantic each spotlighted their own versions of today’s hottest live dance music: drum n bass, bleeps, squeeks, whirls and dub steps were all plentiful.

Beats Antique – EXTRA EXTRA (horse show)
[flashvideo file="http://lostinsound@lostinsound.org/wp-content/videos/Camp%20Bisco%209/Beats%20Antique%20-%20Extra%20Extra%20-%20crowd%20surfing_02.flv" width=580 height=380 /]

Eskmo (Brendan Angelides) brought me back to the tent for an unruffled display of electronic beauty. It was an Eskmo set like none other I’ve witnessed; sometimes the pace shifted into minimal house-like grooves. Some real nice 4/4. He provided the crowd with a view of his every move (flipping his controllers, a technique that seems very popular amongst Bay Area performers) and his fingers never seemed to rest- doing serious work all over his sample pads. His production is so on point, you can hear every last effect and pitch bend as you watch him trigger it all. Performances for Brendan are like a craft or trade, as he welds together samples, beats, songs and melodies, masterfully layered on top of each other. (Hence his other alter-ego, Welder, who performed later that night). Ending the set with his famed STS9 remix of “Shock Doctrine“, while including many other Sound Tribe samples, mixed imperiously with several of his own tracks, was the icing on the cake. As Dieselboy came on, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick around, due to his recent jaunt into dubstep. However, after hearing the first couple of tracks I knew it was time to bust out my DnB scat step. Armed with shades and their best bob and weave, the crowd was just as fired up as I was. To go along with the hair thrashing was some fierce drum n bass. It was choppy and industrial, switching back and forth with Euro style poppy DnB. Everybody was feeling the Hardware Hero that day, desperate for that wild step party (which nobody else was slated to deliver), and I even noticed the sound guy bowing his head to the metronome in approval. Screams, hoots & hollers galore, this was one of my favorite sets of the weekend- by far.

[flashvideo file="http://lostinsound@lostinsound.org/wp-content/videos/Camp%20Bisco%209/Dieselboy_01_01_01.flv" /]

As usual, going into Bassnectar there were moans, grunts and complainers about bass. But fuck ‘em, haters is what we live for. After sound issues, which made some people question whether or not this was the Silent Disco, Lorin Ashton did what he does best- hit the bass HARD. Stage left filled thick and fast, as I immediately felt amped up to be surrounded by thousands of people GETTING DOWN. Everybody was commenting on how they’d never seen that many people going balls to the wall in unison- heads jumping 4 feet in the air at any chance they could. It was reminiscent of Bisco 7, when he literally split the heavens and brought the motherfucking rain. The set seemed very “dance hall” hip-hop orientated, dropping some Biggie, Lil Wayne, “Verbing the Noun”, and a frenzy trigger, “Churn of the Century”. The end of the set really capped what was a memorable Bassnectar Bisco- his call for everyone to scream their appreciation for Camp & it’s organizers, his last second family photo of the entire crowd, and when he got on the mic to let everyone know our time limit to womp had almost reached its maximum, he screamed “we’ve got 50 seconds left to rage this motherfucker!!!!!”….wommmmmpwompwompwomp!!! The Biscuits quickly shuffled in on the adjoining Stage, and the crowd did a little shimmy in a conga line to their respective designated dance spots.

[flashvideo file="http://lostinsound@lostinsound.org/wp-content/videos/Camp%20Bisco%209/Camp%20Bisco%209_Dancing%20Kids.flv" width=360 height=306 /]


That night was the inauguration of the Silent Disco at Camp Bisco. First off, I have to comment on what a great job I think they did in booking/scheduling the acts for this. There couldn’t have been a better way to start it off than with Silent Disco extraordinaire, Motion Potion (versus one of my personal favorites, Welder). Most people there didn’t know what to expect, but immediately found a new fondness for the performance addition. Held at the Hill/Local Stage, you enter the area and get a pair of (great sounding) headphones that have 2 channels on them (hence the “versus” aspect). The 2 DJ’s are on stage next to one another, engaged in their craft just like at any other show. However, before you have those headphones on, its a display of silent debauchery: really loud conversations, people dancing to what seems like silence, chants and lyrical shoutouts to music you might know but can’t hear. Once the headphones are on, you understand the madness.

Channel A- Motion Potion- was filled with new age disco, remixes galore, dubstep, dance beats and straight electronica. Channel B- Welder- was for the more conservative. His set was really slow at times, yet never lost my interest. Having headphones on really enabled you to hear every little sound- birds chirping, faint sirens, chattering, kids laughing, all types of soundscapes- and embark on an epic journey through Brandon Angelides’ mind, as he “welded” live in front of my eyes. It was awesome to be listening to that while seeing MoPo throw a fit on stage, as the crowd screamed while dancing their faces off. I would quickly switch over to Channel A to see what all the hype was about, catch a glimpse of the pure dance love, and quickly get back to the jaw dropping musical adventure on Channel B. The guy known to some as King Bisco was clearly loving every second of it, spinning back and forth across the width of the stage flying his “USE YOUR DOME” flag. When I asked him his thoughts on his first ever Silent Disco, he said “This is the coolest shit ever. I am more involved in my dancing right now than ever before. It’s just you and the music. There are no outside distractions. No people yelling. Just you and the DJ, it feels like the music is in your mind, but it’s also live. I’m losing my shit out here!” For the moment, I switched his moniker to King Disco – and nobody could have said it better.

Color Wars Bicycle Race
[flashvideo file="http://lostinsound@lostinsound.org/wp-content/videos/Camp%20Bisco%209/Color%20Wars%20-%20Bicycle%20Race_01.flv" width=580 height=380/]

Photos courtesy of Jay Rogovin & Chris Bee:

[nggallery id=94]


[flashvideo file="http://lostinsound@lostinsound.org/wp-content/videos/Camp%20Bisco%209/Eskmo%20-%203_01.flv" width=580 height=380/]

*2 down, 1 more to go. Day 3 coverage coming up next. Feel like this post was missing some stuff? Check back often for OhWerd’s commentary, including Wu-Massacre. As always, more photos & videos are on the way. Enjoi!

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  1. Ian says:

    really appreciate your coverage on Welder. I felt like basically everyone missed him to go see Diplo (who undoubtably awesome I’m sure)

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