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Published on July 27th, 2010 | by ranchsauce


Adam Deitch is Pretty Lights’ New Drummer!

Breaking news for Pretty Lights fanatics! Derek Vincent Smith has just stepped up his game, adding Adam Deitch as his new live drummer. A founder of the supergroup Lettuce and current leader of Break Science, Deitch has played drums with an unreal amount of artists and bands, and has produced numerous albums for various acts. He has proved himself to be a masterly drummer of breakbeat, drum ’n bass, electro, jazz, hip-hop and funk. The Berklee grad is currently a member of the associate faculty at the New School in NYC.

Now that the news has hit the stands, here’s what had to say,
“Derek will be performing along side a new drummer, Adam Deitch. Adam is basically one of the illest drummers out there right now and when his style combines with the PL style, it approaches sweet style overload. The combo of Derek Vincent Smith & Adam Deitch will undoubtedly bring the the PL shows to new heights… get ready. Find out more about Adam Deitch.”

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6 Responses to Adam Deitch is Pretty Lights’ New Drummer!

  1. Ian says:

    what happened to the current/old drummer i wonder

  2. Anonymous says:

    @Ian – corys got his own band or did at least which derek helps produce called dubskin i dono if they still kick it tho

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  4. disappointed says:

    I can’t believe he got rid of Cory. I was at North Coast Festival and have seen 4 other PL sets before that.

    At the very beginning, high ass Derek pulled the audio plug out of his computer. You could hear the drums entirely for about 20 seconds until the crowd started yelling at him to plug it back in.

    The new guy is terrible. He just mashes the drums. It was like listening to metal drums. Just hit them as hard as you can.

    Cory dominated the drums. Smooth with style. Plus he actually looks different. I thought it was Derek on the drums when they first came out because they both looked the exact same.

    Cory wore t-shirt and shorts, like a real drummer should. And he had his own attitude; his own style and stage presence. New guy had on the exact same shit as the DJ, moved the same, probably acts the same too.


  5. ranchsauce says:

    I mean the new guy, is Adam Deitch, not just the new guy. Deitch is undeniably one of the most respected drummers across many genres. He isn’t just some guy who played with Pretty Lights, even though he is now some guy who plays with Pretty Lights. He did just start playing with Derek and I am sure he is going to turn out to be a big part of the group. If they were yelling at Derek it was because they wanted to hear the beats. Did Derek pull the cord out on purpose to let the crowd hear the drummer? or was it an accident?

    I think it is ridiculous that you think that the clothes a drummer wears dictates if he is a worthy musician or not.

  6. brandon whitaker says:

    @ranchsauce – true dat Adam Deitch is the shit fuck the haters

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