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Published on December 26th, 2009 | by dizzurt


2010 Leagues Under the Sea of Dreams


Sea of Dreams is already a Californian New Years Eve legacy. Just like out here, where New York City has Times Square, the West Coast – and it’s Burners – have San Francisco and it’s large concourse center metamorphosed into a world from your wildest dreams. This is a world that is like no other; A way to transform your New Year’s from a night of drunken debauchery, celebration, and resolutions into a fantasy you’ve been waiting to embark on. After this night, the only resolution you’ll have is to make Sea of Dreams your next NYE plans, attend Burning Man 2010, and put San Francisco as a serious destination spot for your favorite rage getaway!

This is Sea of Dreams 10th year Anniversary, and it only seems to be getting better! It was started by Joe Bullock, who has been throwing parties for 25 years. Obviously a pro when it comes to raging and creating a forum for the weird to get eccentric, he has had the help of anonEvents, An-Ten-Nae, & Sunset Promotions to pull out all the stops and allow for 2010 to be the best fool’s paradise to date!


I had the pleasure of speaking with Sunset Promotions founder, Robbie Kowal, aka Motion Potion who happens to be performing on this very special occasion as well. Sunset Promotions was brought in last year to “perfect” the event, take what was good and make it great. Joe wanted them to make the whole thing more interesting, NOT just a couple of stages and some performers. And in turn, this would make the nuts & bolts a little easier on Joe, allowing him to focus on making the on-stage magic happen. Sunset is in charge of making sure the science of production is perfect; Engineering a show so that the sound, lighting, box office and ticket sales are all on point. Last year was a huge success, although there were some minor problems, however Robbie assured me they wouldn’t even be in question this year. They’ve specifically handled the box office muddle of last year and fixed it to run smoothly, like your seasoned dub stepper. That’s what Sunset & SoD is all about – improving their event year in and year out until its reached perfection & beYond.


The past decade has set limits for partying that most wouldn’t even consider limits. Therefor, NYE 2010 needs be one of epic proportions, one for the record books, a night that is meant to be remembered but will most probably be forgotten (which is where LiS comes in, and provides killer coverage for the hazy minded). This year will also be a major step up from last year – where the goal was to simplify and scale it down slightly. 2010 brings nothing but fantastic [sea]scapes, an insane lineup, larger production, more stages, eclectic performers, and what can only be described as the wildest [wet] dreamland that an artists mind can concoct.

With as many as 6 stages in years past, and 3.5 last year, 2010 comes in at a modest 5.5 stages, with 2 new environments! The HookahDome has a more expanded role, along with The Do Lab, who are both there to add to the excitement and create unique decor environments. Also included, is a Silent Disco (feat. the same guys from Bonnaroo), manned by MoPo, and if you choose to participate Robbie exclaims, “You’re in my world now!” There will be no talking to girls or meeting new people, the idea is to Dance-Dance-Dance (with your headphones on) until dance you can no more. OMSHANTEA (well versed Burning Man crew) are building a beautiful space, only to be described as the “house chill zone”. More landscape contributors include Inflatable Arts, anonDECOR, and Green Sector. This warehouse promises to be nothing short of spectacular and appropriate for anybody looking to dive into another cosmic universe.


SF Concourse Exhibition Center on 8th St. might feel like Halloween to most [or any other night in S.F.] on this very special holiday, and one could only hope that it appears as a giant pirate ship, ready to take me on the voyage of a lifetime. Except this concourse center is an old train depot, similar to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. It masks similarities to those open warehouse parties we’ve all gone to in Brooklyn, however this isn’t Industrial. This special 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY night has proven to be a fun yet challenging event to pull off. To ensure that everybody has the time of their life and the seasoned Burners are kept entertained for a solid 8 hours (which are some of the hardest people to impress) Sunset Promotions, anonEvents, & An-Ten-Nae have put in exhausting hours of work and preparation. One obvious disadvantage is that they don’t have the “playa” to work with and with only 2 or 3 entities putting their heads together, it has proven difficult to outdo themselves year after year. But after talking with these guys and feeling the excitement and dedication they have towards this night I can only assume it’s going to be one huge immersive spectacle. Now being geared around Burning Man – which is the greatest party on earth every late summer/early fall – San Francisco has always been a natural fit because of the festivals roots. NYE as Robbie puts it, “Is supposed to be a reflection of that very special week, all put into one evening.”



Now lets get to the good shit! (As if everything I’ve told you so far is boring), its time to talk lineup. And I purposefully didn’t talk about this first, because as I’ve already made apparent, SoD is much more than a concert. Looking back at previous years it has never seemed to fall short in the music performance department. Past headliners have included String Cheese, Thievery, Bassnectar (a regular), and Brazilian Girls. However, this year seems to be more appropriate and absorbing than last, exclaiming what could be 5 possible headliners! Whatever music tickles your fancy, whether its bands, DJ’s or producers, lyricists or burlesque performances there’s something for everyone, take a look!


Main Stage

Ozamatli (3 Time Grammy Winners)
Bassnectar (Womp WoBBLe Womp)
Ghostland Observatory (iNsane LightShow)
Yard Dogs Road Show (everything you could want in a Road Show)
Glitch Mob (Glitch to the Hop)
EOTO (Straight Live Improv Dubstep)
Sila & the Afrofunk Experience (AFROFUNK!)
LYNX & Janover (Acoustic Electronic HipHop)
Random Rab (Tribal Dance Warrior)

Incredible Do-Lab Stage

Marty Party
LowRiderz w/ An-Ten-Nae & Laura
Ana Sia
El Papachango
Geno Cochino

Luxurious HookahDome

David Starfire feat. Dvine1 (sitar) & Aradia (bellydance)
Jef Stott
DJ Dragonfly
DJ Feral

Hotwired Silent Disco by Silent Events

Aaron Axelson
Motion Potion (Robbie Kowal)
Party Ben

Something I’m super hyped about is the fact that I (& the Use Your Head crew) won’t be the only ones dressed up. On this night, costumes are encouraged! Share your dream with everybody else, indulge like never before. At a G.A. ticket price of $79, and $135* for VIP, this experience comes at a modest penny. I’ve seen NYE nights around NYC go for $125 cover charge with no live music at an overcrowded bar. And forget the costumes, everybody’s dressed in the same popped collar polo’s or sport jackets, and I’m sure S.F. has the same, only reassuring in my mind that THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE when reining in a new decade!!!! San Francisco seas offer more than PHISHING and something different than a dropping Times Square Disco Biscuit. Robbie let me know how essential it was to keep a decent price on tickets, especially in these economic times, “A core value and necessity this year was to double the party and keep the ticket price around the same. VIP will actually cost a little less than last year.”
(*If you unfortunately already purchased a $160 VIP ticket expecting there to be a full hosted bar, than please contact to receive a partial refund.)


This is an event that once you hear about it its hard to resist. After reading this article or seeing pictures or videos from years past I am positive it will be hard not to go and sMaSh oPen your pink ceramic piggy bank and book an immediate flight to S.F. People want to be apart of it, say they were there. So far ragers are flying in from Dubai, Prague, Rome, alot from Hawaii, Japan, and Argentina (where DJ El Papa Chango is from) (all evidence from ticket sales). There are huge contingents from all places were the Burning Man culture is strong: Boulder, Austin, Athens Georgia, Denver, and NY. Also, a large crowd takes the drive up the coast from SoCal, where they actually held a few Co-Sea of Dreams in past years. For all you NYC/Northeast readers that are familiar with theDanger, Winkel & Baltick, & the Disorient Crews (etc) that throw down hard and are strong Burning Man influences than this is the place for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how you do it, there’s one common goal here: to have fun, rage the faux out, and be a part of the most beautiful [sub]culture this country can offer.

Sea of Dreams Homepage
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Vendor’s & Attractions
Past SoD Photo Galleries

To ensure this night runs as smooth as possible, they ask that you please arrive early. The doors open @ 8:00pm, and with so much to do and what will feel like so little time, there is no point to pre game elsewhere. Avoid the inevitable 11pm rush, and don’t miss midnight!
Keep checking back for an interview with Motion Potion as well as information on Sunset Promotions!

After Party Information:
With a motto of “Only the Strong Survive” and following what is sure to be an epic night, Breakfast of Champions is here for it’s 10th year also. And not to mention along the same chord of Sea of Dreams, B.o.C. has yet to raise it’s prices, remaining a steady and easily affordable $10. This year is in a new location, right on the water and promises to be utterly amazing. Robbie MoPo will be there too, and exclaims that if you make it to this one, “you truly are a rockstar!” Run by Space Cowboy’s and a special guest performance by SOUL OF MAN – Fingerlickin’ UK. This event starts at 6am, and goes until 10am, allowing the 1st of January to rage on! Pre-Sale tickets available here. Soul of Man break mix available here.

**BONUS VIDEO! Bassnectar Sea of Dreams 2009

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